Cubs Seeking Cougars Are the Latest Rage

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Economic times have changed and this has affected how people go about their life. Among the things that have changed with the times is dating.  The romance culture has changed to a great deal. Long gone are the good old days when young women used to sit and wait that some young men would notice them. These days if a young man won’t make the first move, the girl will. Gone are the days when the older when were a preserve only for the older men. These days it is not unusual to see male cubs looking for a cougar woman to invite them into their dens for a dose of romance.SiteLogomain Cubs Seeking Cougars Are the Latest Rage

It has become increasingly difficult for older women to pass through social places, or social networking sites without noticing a suggestive gaze coming from some young man young enough to her son.  Plainly stated, cougar dating has become the order of the day among most young men these days. In the past, it was believed that it was only the cougars that had an interest in the cubs but time s proving that this is not entirely true. The youth have always been though to be the most attractive but now it seems like the older women are capable of attracting too. No ne is complaining since the older women seem to be enjoying it too.

Various theories have been floated trying to explain this new rage cougar dating. One of the reasons why cubs are seeking dates with older women is that things are tough economically. Since the older women naturally have more sources of income the guys cannot resist the urge to have some fun and a possibility of making some quick cash. The fact that you don’t have to pay for any of the niceties that accompany the sexual, fun things like expensive drinks and gifts makes it quite appealing to date a cougar woman.

Another reason why cougar dating has become so rampant of late is that most cougar women are past child bearing age so the sexual fun goes on without the fear that the economically unstable cub might find himself a father. In case the cougar woman has kids, most probably they will old enough to fend for themselves hence she can  have fun all she want without the fear that she could be putting the life of her kids in danger. With media and advertisers portraying as still beautiful, the story of cougar dating is here to stay.

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